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                                      meeting video communication needs
                                                     of non-profit organizations

I Have an Incompatible Donor 
is an example of the style of promoting an organization through the stories of the people they serve. This video is the first in a series of educational videos being produced for the home page of The National Kidney Registry.  For more on Ray's productions, see below or click EXAMPLES OF WORK.

Consider Your Communication Needs

•  What is your organization's vision and mission?

•  What is your story?

•  Who needs to hear your story?

•  What response do you need to further your mission?

Consider the Services of Ray Mueller Productions

•  Help in telling your story by using video and other tools of communication to address your organization's mission in  a cost-effective way

•  Video production for promotion, education, recruitment, fund-raising, training, motivation, etc.

•  Specialized resources such as crews, facilities and technical assistance - on an as-needed basis for minimum overhead and maximum efficiency

Contemplative Outreach, which promotes Centering Prayer worldwide, is using
Celebrating 30 Years of Grace & Gratitude during its 2014 anniversary year.  Available online and on DVD, with or without Spanish subtitles.

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