I Made My Choice  provides an overview of the need for and work of Good Counsel Homes, to raise support for this program caring for mothers and their babies.

Ray Mueller Productions

It's the Spirit - Cross Roads Camp and Retreat Center  tells its story through the voices of its campers, counselors, parents and staff.

meeting video communication needs of nonprofits

Consider Your Communication Needs

I Have an Incompatible Donor   communicates technical medical info through the story of a person served by the National Kidney Registry

•  What is your organization's vision and mission?

•  What is your story?
•  Who needs to hear your story?
•  What response do you need to advance your mission?

Consider the Services of Ray Mueller Productions

•  Help in telling your story by using video and other tools of communication to address your organization's mission in a cost-effective way
•  Video production for promotion, education, recruitment, fund-raising, training, and motivation
•  Specialized resources such as crews, facilities and technical assistance - on an as-needed basis for minimum overhead  and maximum efficiency